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Buy Minnesota Driver License (New MN) – OldIronsidesFakes PH

Minnesota Driver License (New MN) – OldIronsidesFakes PH is a driver license used in the state of Minnesota issued to those who have passed a vision test, driving exam, and proof of insurance. The Minnesota Driver License (New MN) replaced the previous driver licenses and identification cards on August 1, 2010.

The Minnesota Driver License (New MN) is a scaled-down version of the physical driver license that can be used throughout the digital driver license pilot. The digital driver license is an identity credential issued through a secure digital identity platform. This pilot will test the feasibility of issuing driver licenses in a digital format and could influence how other states issue identity credentials in the future.

The Minnesota Driver License is a Secure ID Ready card. If your card is issued after April 30, 2018, it will meet the new REAL ID requirements for entry into federal facilities and boarding commercial domestic flights. For details about REAL ID.

The MN Driver License has been redesigned as of May 1, 2013 for security!

If you are a new resident and have not been a resident of Minnesota within 10 years, you will need to apply for an MN driver license. Before applying, review the MN Driver’s Manual that is available on the DMV website to refresh your knowledge of Minnesota road rules. If you want to renew or apply for an instruction permit, see the forms and documents section below.

This card allows you to drive in Minnesota, meet identification requirements, apply for or renew your DPS-issued driver license or state identification card at any driver license examiner office (DLE), and submit to being fingerprinted if necessary.

The Minnesota driver license is a state issued card used as identification by citizens and residents of the state. The design, photos and information published here is intended to be a clear presentation of how this card looks, but the official license should be evaluated before its use.

In Minnesota, you can apply to get a new driver’s license at any time while you have a valid driver’s license. However, your name on your new driver’s license must be the same as the name on your birth certificate or U.S. passport. With a new driver’s license, you will get new temporary and permanent identification cards that match the name on your new driver’s license.

Keep this Minnesota Driver License (New MN) close at hand with a convenient lanyard.

Replace your current or expiring Minnesota Driver License with a new one. For citizens who have not obtained a MN license or ID card previously, please visit the DVS website for details about the MN Enhanced driver license. Citizens currently holding a valid Minnesota Driver License or Minnesota Identification Card can renew either by visiting a DVS office or by mail.

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety issues new Motor Vehicle Driver License beginning July 1, 2018.

If you are a new resident to Minnesota then you will need to apply for a Minnesota driver’s license. This license booklet is from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety (DPS). It includes a list of all the documents that you must bring when applying for your Minnesota driver’s license.

Don’t let the fine print deter you. You can now view your new driver license or identification card! Provide feedback on your new design at  mndot.gov/driver license . If you want to see your current card, use this link .

Some cool new features about the Minnesota Driver License (New MN) – OldIronsidesFakes PH…

Show your Minnesota pride with this new design of the drivers license from Minnesota. This drivers license is the same size as a credit card and can be used to travel on flights and enter federal buildings.

The new driver’s license is here! It features enhanced security features, like laser perforated edges and touch-to-reveal ink, to help protect your identity.

You cannot use an old or expired driver license to board a plane or enter a federal facility.

Your new driver’s license design will include:

For first time applicants or renewals. A 3-part form is required with the front and the back completed. A photo is also required with a few exceptions

All of the same benefits of a standard license, plus an image of the state seal and the message “In God We Trust.”


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