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Buy Minnesota Driver License (Old MN) – OldIronsidesFakes PH

Minnesota Driver License (Old MN) – OldIronsidesFakes PH is the most important identification document you’ll need to carry with you whenever you drive. This order form can be used to order a copy of your Minnesota Driver License, Motorcycle Permit, or Identification Card from the Minnesota Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS).

Use this image to allow your users to show their pride of their Minnesota Driver License.

This is a Minnesota non-driver license issued to a male resident of Minneapolis, MN. The black and white photo was taken on January 1, 1954. He is pictured wearing his glasses, he has scrawny hair and some sort of chin stubble. This person’s first name is Ewing. His last name is Pepple.

From 1882 to 1981, the Minnesota driver’s license was a card that featured the photograph of the driver. The license contained a red star for valid drivers, and a blue star for invalid drivers (previously convicted of DUI).

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This license was issued from 1982 until 2008. It is a 5″ by 3.5″ wallet style plastic card with rounded corners. The back has the Minnesota DNR logo with raised letters including the words: “This card is for official MCOLES use only.” The front of the card has two box-outlines for optional, non-standard security features, depending upon the county issuing it.

The picture is of an old Minnesota driver’s license before 1971. The layout and format of the license may look different, but some information should remain the same.

The perfect license for displaying your Minnesota pride. The front design features a classic and distressed look that gives you the classic retro feeling while still maintaining the bold state colors of Minnesota.

Below is a photo of the license in your application. This license was issued in the 1950’s and expired in 1960.

Identification of the license as either Chauffeur’s License, Motorcycle License, or Driver’s Permit and containing details such as Name, Address, Date of Birth, Signature, Height, and Weight for each license.

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The Minnesota Driver License (Old MN) is a driver license from the State of Minnesota issued in the year 2008. The license has been obsolete since 2009.

This is an authentic Minnesota driver license, issued prior to 2000. It is made of paper and plastic with a black and white photo, just like a modern driver license. The front of the card has the Minnesota state seal and the text: Driver License – Driving Privileges – Motor Vehicle Laws – Alcohol and Drug Limits (in five different languages).

This is an old driver license from Minnesota. It features a black and white close-up of a bearded man wearing glasses, along with his address, date of birth and driver level. This item has bleeding which was caused during the manufacturing process.

The front of this basic Minnesota license is made of Polycarbonate. Behind the clear front, two tabs hold your picture behind the picture area so that it will not bend or warp. A great feature to avoid fakes. On the back left side, there is a large signature box and on the right side, a place for your home address, date of birth and height. This makes a great gift!

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The card top features the card holder’s full-face photo, full name, and date of birth. Across the bottom of the card is all of their pertinent information, including Driver License/Identification Card Number, a five-digit ID number that uniquely identifies the card holder in all DMV data, followed by one-step verification for online identity verification; First Name, Middle Name(s), Last Name, Street Address Line 1, Street Address Line 2 (if applicable), City/Town/Village/Ward, Zip Code, and Date of Birth. The card bottom has the card holder’s signature and license expiration date. The Minnesota Driver License (Old MN) PDF is ready for your projects!

This Minnesota Driver License (Old MN) is a duplicate of an actual Minnesota Driver License. The quality is high, and the license is beautiful. It is fully laminated and very strong. Looks fantastic framed on your wall or in a book with its miniature sized twin from our other listings of the full size original. The license shows some wear and tear as shown in the pictures and has a space at the bottom for your signature. The front reads “LICENSE TO DRIVE MOTOR VEHICLE BE SURE YOU ALWAYS HAVE YOUR LICENSE WITH YOU” in bold font along with the state name and birthdate of the card holder. This listing is for an item that is pictured; however, each item that we sell is professionally printed on demand so please allow up to two weeks for delivery.


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