Mississippi Driver License (MS O21)


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Buy Mississippi Driver License (MS O21) – OldIronsidesFakes PH

Mississippi Driver License (MS O21) – OldIronsidesFakes PH features textured photo quality security, state name, enhanced protection from tampering.

The Mississippi Driver License (MS O21) is inspired by a vintage license design from the 1940’s.

The Driver License (MS O21), commonly referred to as “the card,” is issued under authority of the Mississippi Department of Public Safety and gives legal proof that the bearer is authorized to operate a motor vehicle in Mississippi, which includes a license fee, photograph fee, and an issuance fee.

There’s a new look in town: the new Mississippi driver license offers a great new design and is photo-

Have a question about the Mississippi driver license? Use this search box to get specific information. Find out how to renew, replace or obtain a duplicate. Look up the cost and steps to transfer an out-of-state license. Get details about operating restrictions, requirements from teen drivers and other important details.

Your official Mississippi driver license is required to legally operate motor vehicles in the State of Mississippi.

The Mississippi Real ID offers a way for you to legally answer “Yes” to all of the questions on the identification process.

· Full legal name and picture of the card holder· Date of birth· Residence address· Driver license number· Expiration date

Shows a gender-neutral person place in driver seat of car.

The Mississippi Driver License (MS O21) states the bearer’s name, date of birth, sex and address; notes the class of vehicle that the bearer is authorized to drive, lists height and color restrictions which apply to the listed class of vehicle, and has a color or photograph of the bearer.

These replicas are intended for novelty use and have limited validity. The MS O21 has been designed to look exactly like a genuine Mississippi Driver License (MS). All of our MS fake ID cards are indistinguishable from the real thing. Our staff has gained the knowledge and expertise to produce nothing short of perfect copies of most government identification documents. We only use high quality materials to produce all of our items so that they pass the test of even the most seasoned bouncers and club managers. Each item is inspected upon completion to ensure perfection before being shipped to you!

Make sure you’re prepared to travel in Mississippi with a real identification card issued by the MS BMV. Our Mississippi real driver license is printed on PVC plastic and meets all state guidelines. It holds up in any weather,and if it gets bent up, the lamination will protect your personal information from the elements.

The purpose of this document is to inform you where to find the legal information on license and permit issuance. The pertinent information is to be found in the State of Mississippi man…datory Department Procedure Manual which interprets state laws and contains policy statements related to the functions of the department, as well as state regulations.

This is a replacement driver license or ID card. When you apply, be sure to bring us a copy of your valid out-of-state license or government issued picture ID. If you are renewing your license, it should be less than 4 years old. Any address change must be verified at a Driver Service Center by presenting your current residency document, usually a utility bill, lease agreement or deed to your residence

A driver’s license is one of the most commonly used forms of photo identification. Driver licenses are issued by each state, territory and Canadian province, so the design and information found on each license is unique to its issuing jurisdiction. Most states use separate licenses for identification and driving, while some states have combined both functions on a single card.


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